Hey there, fellow human (I'm assuming you're not a robot of sorts, but cool if you are?).
My name is Zillah and I’m the face of Face Forward.

Face Forward is a line of natural skincare products that I lovingly make by hand in Toronto, Canada. Each product features all-natural ingredients that are so clean that one could eat them! Although, I don't recommend that you do – save the products for that sweet mug of yours. ;)

I am passionate and interested in providing people with a natural and cost-effective alternative to commonly found skincare items. Do a simple Google search of 'skincare' and you’ll be inundated with countless results – in the millions – of various routines, lists of the best brands/lines, products galore, reviews of them and much more. You could go down a rabbit hole for hours on end. It can be a bit overwhelming, depending on what you’re trying to find, are curious about, skin concerns, etc. It’s unfortunate, but a vast majority of the products one comes across both online and in the local drugstore are loaded with chemicals, a lot of which are foreign to the eye and difficult to pronounce (heavy on the syllable count). I don’t know about you, but I’m not in love with the idea of putting products on my face whose ingredients are obscure and once looked up, aren’t actually the safest thing to be putting on one’s skin. This is especially odd when a company will warn of being careful to not get said product in one’s eye and/or mouth, but the product application will border both orifices…oh, okay. Sure, Jan! I’ve always gravitated towards ingredients that are familiar to me, and if they aren’t, I like being able to easily research and happily recognize them as beneficial to my skin, as opposed to detrimental. Additionally (and of equal importance), I like not having to break the bank in efforts to take care of my skin. I understand that some ingredients will cost more than others, but it shouldn’t feel like a punishment to purchase a few nice things for oneself. It really needn’t be a hassle in any sense of the word. I want to help alleviate what can sometimes be a difficult decision and have you feel good about doing so, knowing that you’re being good to your skin and not hurting your wallet at the same time. Win/win!

My aim is to help people of all ages to feel boldly confident and happy in their skin, and one way to do that is by putting your best face forward. :)